ASC Group, Inc., is a certified, women-owned cultural and environmental resources consulting company. Since its founding in 1986, ASC Group has grown steadily and now has offices in five cities across the Midwest.  In 2021,  ASC merged with Auxano Environmental LLC  in order to expand its environmental services.

Services include: Archaeological Services, Architectural History Services, Ecological Services and Environmental and Hazardous Materials Services. Each senior member of the staff has more than 10 years experience in archaeological, architectural, environmental, or ecological investigations. Our staff has at their disposal more than adequate laboratory and computer facilities for the analysis and preparation of reports, as well as sufficient field equipment, including a fleet of vehicles, to handle numerous projects at any given time.

ASC Group has the commitment, experience, resources, and logistical support necessary for the successful completion of any level of cultural resource, ecological, and environmental survey.

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Company History & Timeline


In January 1986 Shaune Skinner and Elsie Immel-Blei leave employment at the Ohio Historical Society in Columbus to form a private company.

Going away party held in the Archaeology Lab at OHS. A contest was held to name the new company. The winner was Dr. Dick Boisvert-second row second from the left-who submitted Archaeological Services Consultants, Inc.

Archaeological Services Consultants, Inc. is incorporated in the state of Ohio on April Fool’s Day 1986. Shaune Skinner, President and Secretary and Elsie Immel-Blei, Vice President and Treasurer.

Original Logo designed by Oro Ray King.

Much of our early work was for Coal Mining Companies who needed permits to conduct strip mining.

Our first big client was Texas Eastern, who hired us to conduct archaeological surveys for replacement pipelines throughout Ohio, Kentucky, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Oklahoma Crew visiting the Spiro Mounds in 1990 during our survey work there.

Elsie and Shaune worked out of their houses until 1987 when they moved to 3037 Indianola Ave.  Total sq ft 1500.

First office, 1,500 sq ft.
First office, 1,500 sq ft.

As we continued to grow in jobs and employees, we needed more space and moved to 4620 Indianola Ave. in 1990.

Second Office on Indianola, 4,900 sq ft.
Second Office on Indianola, 4,900 sq ft.
Second Office on Indianola, 4,900 sq ft.

In 1991 Archaeological Services Consultants was one of a team of archeological firms hired to conduct excavations at the East Liverpool pottery for ODOT.

Archaeologist pictured inside a below ground water reservoir at the Sebring Pottery site in East Liverpool, Ohio.

Our first full-time architectural historian was in hired June 1991.

Logo showing services in 1991.
HAER documentation is one of the specialty services provided by our architectural historians.

Archaeological Services Consultants formally changed our name to ASC Group, Inc. in 1996.

ASC Group, Inc. celebrates 10 years in business in 1996.

Indiana office opened in 1997 to provide service to Coal Mining Companies and INDOT. Our Cleveland office opened that same year because so many of our employees were from the Cleveland area.

Archaeologists excavate the Metamora site in 1997.

ASC Group, Inc. adds ecological and wetland survey services in 1998.

Our new logo reflects the range of services now available.
Stream sampling in Adena Brooke, Columbus, Ohio.

Even before the opening of our Pittsburgh office in 1998 and the Harrisburg office in 2003 ASC Group conducted several large projects in that state.

Excavation of the Gallatin Sawmill near Pittsburgh in 1994.
Excavation of the "big pit" at Leetsdale for the US Army Corps of Engineers near Pittsburgh in 2003.

Waterway permit, environmental site assessment and NEPA documentation services are added in 2000.

Collection of soils during a Phase II ESA Survey.
Asbestos inspection of John Harris Bridge (I-83) over the Susquehanna River in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Elsie and Shaune celebrated 20 years in business in 2006

Elsie and Shaune in front of old Indianola office during 20th year celebration.

The Milton West Virginia office opens in 2007 and adds an additional service line–Paleoethnobotany.

Dr. Annette Ericksen conducting flotation to recover ancient seeds.

ASC Group, Inc moves to 800 Freeway Drive, Suite 101, Columbus to increase space to 10,000 sq ft.

Our new office at Freeway Drive in Columbus Ohio is home to Archaeologists, Architectural Historians, Ecologists, and Environmental Scientists, as well as a number of wild animals including coyotes, ducks, geese, peafowl, and deer.
Artifact analysis laboratory.

Michigan office opens in 2014.

Our Midwest office locations as of 2014.

ASC Group celebrated its 30th Anniversary on April 1, 2016.

Employees, clients, former staff, and friends celebrated with an open house and cookout at the headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. US Representative Dave Leland was in attendance to present owners Shaune Skinner and Elsie Immel-Blei with a certificate from the state acknowledging this milestone achievement.

The Kentucky office reopens in August 2019.

Our office locations since 2019.

Beginning January 1, 2021, David Klinge and Hylton Hobday became partners with Shaune and Elsie.


In January 2021, ASC Group, Inc. merges with Auxano Environmental LLC, with founder Nichole Lashley as partner.

ASC Group founders Shaune Skinner, and Elsie Immel-Blei, along with Auxano founder, Nichole Lashley.