Celebrating 36 Years of Growth and The Future

Yes. We Do That Now.

We can’t celebrate 36 Years of growth without acknowledging how the last year has continued to allow the company to grow and diversify. In the last year, ASC Group, Inc. merged with Auxano Environmental. ASC Group, Inc. has welcomed three staff members as additional owners to the company, inviting new ideas, perspectives and opportunities for the company’s continual growth.

Built from a Strong Foundation

Shaune Skinner and Elsie Immel-Blei founded Archaeological Services Consultants, Inc. as a private archaeology consulting firm in 1986 after leaving the Ohio Historical Society. By 1996, their ongoing “get it” attitude and ability to adapt expanded the company to additional disciplines of history/architecture, ecological, and hazardous consulting services transforming into ASC Group, Inc. In the last 36 years, the company has grown from two strong women archaeologists to over 40 trained professionals in a variety of fields. In addition to ASC Group Inc.’s Ohio office, which has expanded to do work across the country, the company has opened offices in Indiana, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania.

ASC/Auxano is Our Federal Name

One year after the merger with Auxano Environmental, the company has created opportunities for growth. Nichole Lashley, co-owner and Vice President of ASC Group, Inc., has decades of experience as an environmental specialist and Certified Hazardous Material Manager (CHMM). This has created a niche in the company for hazardous services with federal, energy, transportation, and development projects in IL, MI, OH, IN, PA, KY, TX, NM, and CA. Employees are now using their expertise on federal projects projects with the Department of Defense, international and municipal airports, and corporate development projects.

Growth in our services is a perk and needless to say, employees are happily expanding their expertise into new areas to further enhance the ASC niches. Archaeologists, historians/architects, ecologists, and environmental specialists, are jumping into training to build new skills. Staff are able to explore working outside their fields and become cross-discipline certified in Asbestos inspection and Management Planning , Regulated Material Review (RMR) for Phase 1 and 2 Environmental Site Assessments, Lead-Based Paint and Risk AssessmentWetland Professional CertificationSection 106, and more. Drones are being more readily utilized to create maps of archaeological sites, historic landscapes, and ecologically sensitive areas.

Continuing the Excitement

ASC Group, Inc. and ASC/Auxano coming together shows that a small woman-owned business can be a powerhouse. The lifelong learning environment ASC is proving that our company can mobilize and complete any technical investigation that comes our way. As an employee of this company, it is exciting to see staff invested in development as well as actively participating in growth! Being one of 40-plus employees in a U.S. Small Business allows for more opportunities to explore a variety of fields and it is exciting to see how this growth will continue. Let’s celebrate!

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