Earth Day Cleanup

The Columbus Ohio office of ASC Group celebrated Earth Day a few days early on April 20, 2018. In celebration, we removed trash from Bill Moose Run which flows right next to our Columbus office. Approximately 28 combined hours to Stream Cleanup; removing 27 forty gallon trash bags full of debris and refuse. Plastic bags were the dominate trash item we removed, and were surprised to find the following items: A golf ball, a piece of vinyl siding, a wind breaker, boxer shorts, a transient camp site, A pair of pants, half a roller skate, a folding chair, yellow police tape, a tire, a Coke bottle made in Lima Ohio, and a cheerleading pom-pom. We even found an Ohio artifact, Marion Brick, from Morral Ohio. We hope your Earth Day celebration is a smashing success! Happy Earth Day!