Happy 35th Anniversary ASC!

Happy Anniversary!

Shaune and Elsie made it through 35 years of keeping ASC running profitably. There have been good years and some difficult years along the way but they have consistently managed to keep approximately 50 staff members employed, including through the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. Some significant changes came starting in July 2020; David Klinge, Chief Operations Officer for the last several years, became a partner. Then in January 2021, Pennsylvania Regional Manager Hylton Hobday became a partner. Also in January 2021, ASC merged with Auxano Environmental LLC, with founder Nichole Lashley as a new partner. Our services expanded in the Hazardous Materials line and Nichole became the director for federal projects as well as serving as Kentucky and Ohio Regional Manager. Congratulations to Shaune and Elsie and thanks to everyone who made this company what it is today!