I-70 Added Travel Lanes, Marion and Hancock Counties, Indiana


  • Archaeological Survey
  • Historic Properties Survey
  • Section 106 Findings of Effects
  • Waters of the U.S./Wetland Delineation
  • Phase I Initial Site Assessment
  • Noise and Air Analysis
  • Stream and Wetland Mitigation Opportunities Inventory Report
  • Conceptual Wetland Mitigation Plan and Parcel Evaluation
  • Categorical Exclusion Documentation

Under contract with Earthtech/AECOM, ASC Group Inc. completed cultural and environmental resources surveys for the I-70 Added Travel Lanes project in portions of Marion and Hancock counties, Indiana.  Cultural resources surveys within the project areas included records checks, visual inspection, photography, shovel probes, and soil cores.  One archaeological site was recorded.  It is recommended not eligible for the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) and no additional archaeological work was recommended.  The historic properties survey examined all buildings and structures within the Area of Potential Effects and included photographs, mapping, and evaluation for NRHP eligibility.  Seven properties were identified within the Area of Potential Effects.  None of the properties are recommended eligible for the NRHP as individual properties.  The Section 106 Findings of Effects document was written and the Federal Highway Administration issued a “No Historic Properties Affected” finding for the project.

A Phase I ISA was completed to determine the likelihood of hazardous substances within the project areas.  The two sites listed outside of the project area were noted.  Additional assessment was not recommended.

Because this project is subject to federal funding and approval, the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) of 1969 requires the evaluation of potential environmental impacts, including air quality and noise.  The air assessment followed US EPA, FHWA, and INDOT regulations and guidance.  The project met applicable conformity requirements and will have a significant impact on air quality.  Noise modeling evaluated seven locations determining two locations met both technical and economic criteria and to be desired by affected property owners – the Bristol Square Barrier and the Marina Barrier were recommended for construction.  Insulation was considered for a church, but not recommended as inside noise levels are lower than the criteria.

The Waters of the US Determination/Wetland Delineation included investigation of streams and wetlands.  Seven streams and 30 wetlands were evaluated/delineated.  Of the 30 wetlands delineated, 13 were isolated and 17 wetlands were considered jurisdictional.

ASC Group evaluated the proposed wetland mitigation area in Blue River Township, Hancock County, Indiana. The mitigation area was for impacts to wetlands caused by multiple projects along I-70 in Marion and Hancock counties.  The evaluation included cultural resources, ecological resources, T&E species, and mitigation opportunities. ASC Group completed the design and specifications for the wetland mitigation area.

A Level 4 Categorical Exclusion Document was prepared.  It documented the engineering and design details of the project, evaluated environmental impacts, and developed environmental commitments.  The document was reviewed and approved by INDOT and FHWA.

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