Meadow River Trail Project, Fayette and Greenbrier Counties, West Virginia


  • Threatened & Endangered Species Survey

ASC Group conducted a Virginia spiraea survey in September 2017. WVDOH staff provided ASC with transportation to the sites. The field survey was conducted in 20 WVDNR predetermined Virginia spiraea study areas and within a proposed access road area. Photographs of the study areas investigated were provided.  Of the 21 study areas, one population of the Federally Threatened Virginia spiraea was identified during the survey. The population was located just beyond the limits of the Virginia spiraea Site 10 study area. Virginia spiraea was observed growing in cracks and crevices of large boulders located in the Meadow River. Approximately 20 patches of Virginia spiraea were observed growing in full sunlight. Each patch contained approximately 20 stems. None of the stems observed were in flower or fruit. The site was primarily free of competition from other plant species. Data was recorded on a Species Field Survey Form from the WV Natural Heritage Program and the location of the populations was recorded with a Trimble® Geo 7X handheld GPS with sub-meter accuracy.

The remaining sites that were investigated consisted of areas located along the banks of the Meadow River or along tributaries of the Meadow River. The access road was located along a wooded hill slope. Potential habitat was observed for Virginia spiraea at all the remaining sites except for the proposed access road study area. Negative Element Survey Forms from the WV Natural Heritage Program were prepared for the remaining sites.

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