Memphis Road Bridge Replacement Project, Cuyahoga County, Ohio


Section 106 Scoping Request
Level 1 Ecological Survey
Regulated Materials Review (RMR)
Asbestos Inspection and
OEPA Demolition Form
RMR Assessment
Categorical Exclusion Document

ASC Group completed cultural and environmental resources tasks for the proposed CUY-Memphis Avenue-00.62 bridge project in Brooklyn, Cuyahoga County, Ohio. The project proposes replacement of the deteriorated bridge carrying Memphis Avenue over a single set of CSXT Rail Line tracks.

A Level 1 Ecological Survey was conducted in 2017. A field survey of the study area was performed to locate waterways, wetlands, endangered species habitat, and other sensitive ecological areas. The resource impacts reported in this ESR are based on the current construction limits. Approximately 1.910 ac. of developed, high-intensity land, 0.475 acre of grassland/herbaceous land, and 0.138 ac. of upland forest have the potential to be impacted from the proposed bridge replacement work. No stream or wetland impacts are expected for the project. The project will impact approximately 0.005 acre of ditch for a culvert replacement. Suitable wooded habitat (SWH) for the Indiana bat and Northern long-eared bat is located in the construction limits along the CSXT Rail Line tracks. Approximately 0.138 ac. of SWH has the potential to be impacted from the proposed bridge replacement work.

A Section 106 Scoping Request was completed for cultural resources early in the project to identify known archaeological sites, cemeteries and historic buildings.

One property, a gasoline station/convenience store was reviewed during the RMR Screening. The property was considered for RMR Assessment by ODOT after review of the RMR documentation showed that 0.032 acres was within the study area of the project at the intersection of Memphis and Tiedeman Roads. The RMR included this property as a high risk property due to it being a gas station adjacent to and within the project’s study area. At the time of the ODOT RMR Screening, the project construction limits were not well defined and the likelihood of intersection improvements were plausible, therefore, the RMR Assessment of the Sunoco Gas Station was warranted.

Bulk asbestos sample analysis was performed in accordance with the US EPA recommended test method: EPA 600/93-116, Determination of Asbestos in Bulk Building Materials by Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM). The asbestos samples were analyzed by trained microscopists at International Asbestos Testing Laboratories (iATL), a National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) accredited laboratory. The samples did not contain asbestos. An Ohio EPA Notification of Demolition and Renovation form was completed.

A Categorical Exclusion-was completed for the project. It details and documents the engineering and design details of the project, evaluated environmental impacts, and developed environmental commitments.

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