North Point Development Project, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania


Permitting (PADEP/USACE Joint Permit)

Environmental Studies including:

  •    Wetland Delineations
  •    Wetland Functional Assessments
  •    Mitigation Design

T&E Species Agency Coordination and Mitigation

This project will consist of the land development for a Warehouse/Distribution Center in Hanover Township and the City of Nanticoke, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. The project site is approximately 350 acres in size. Development proposed includes construction of multiple large distribution warehouses, corresponding parking areas and access roads, and stormwater detention basins.

ASC Group conducted wetlands and waterways delineations; seventeen (17) wetlands and eight (8) waterways were delineated within or adjacent to the project area.
Additionally, ASC worked with state and federal agencies regarding threatened and endangered species that may be affected by the project. In particular, ASC coordinated with the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) for Myotis sodalis (Indiana Bat), the PA Game Commission (PGC) for Myotis lebeii (Small Footed Bat), and the PA Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC)for Acris crepitans (Northern Cricket Frog). ASC oversaw threatened and endangered species habitat investigations using specialists for each of these species.

ASC prepared and submitted a Joint Permit Application which was approved by the US Army Corps, Baltimore District (USACOE) and the PA Department of Environmental Protection, Northeast Regional Office (PADEP).

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