Piqua Decommissioned Reactor Complex, Miami County, Ohio


Field Sampling Plan

Quality Assurance Project Plan

Hazardous Materials Assessment

HAER Documentation

ASC/Auxano performed hazardous materials Assessments for the Piqua Nuclear Power Plant that is being scheduled for demolition.  Currently, ASC/Auxano is preparing Historic American Engineering Record (HAER) documentation for the Reactor complex for archival purposes prior to the demolition.

The decommissioned Reactor Building has an above-ground containment dome that extends 68 feet high and a 44-foot below-ground, the below-ground portion contains an entombed thermal reactor that was decommissioned and buried in place in 1969. There are several levels below the main level with varying square footages. The reactor is entirely below ground and entombed with 8-foot-thick concrete. There are no radiological exposures at the site, and routine surveillance is performed to ensure that the concrete and steel entombment structure continues to be protective of human health and the environment. Since the entombed material has been surrounded by concrete, it poses no risk to any personnel working or visiting the site.
The chemical utilized to cool the reactor was Terphenyl or Diphenyl benzenes. This chemical is part of the hydrocarbon family, is not soluble in water, does not readily ignite, and can create a poisonous gas if set on fire. This means it is persistent in nature.

Assessments Performed to demolish the exterior shell of the reactor building and the administration building included the following:
• Terphenyl analysis
• PCB assessments
• AST assessments
• UST assessments
• Asbestos assessments and analysis
• Lead based paint analysis
• Radiological assessments in accordance with Multi-Agency Radiation Survey and Site Investigation Manual, NUREG-1575

This project also required site specific health and safety plans prepared by a certified Industrial Hygienist and a Health Physicists. Work conducted required trained staff that had their 40 HR HAZWOPER training and were also confined space trained.

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