Portage-Marquette Trail, Porter County, Indiana


  • Phase I Archaeological Records Check and Reconnaissance Survey
  • Historic Properties Short Report
  • Minor Projects Programmatic Agreement
  • Red Flag Investigation
  • Categorical Exclusion Document

ASC Group completed cultural resources and environmental surveys for the proposed Portage-Marquette Trail (Des. No. 1500704) in Portage, Porter County, Indiana. The project is located in Portage, Indiana, along Ameriplex Drive, Louis Sullivan drive, and Daniel Burnham drive. The project proposes construction of a new shared-use path and is part of the Indiana Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan 2016-2020. The new trail is a continuation and extension of the Marquette Greenway Trail, which is part of the Regional Trail System.

Cultural resources surveys included records checks, visual inspection, and photography. No archaeological sites were found during the records check and no additional archaeological work was recommended. A Historic Properties Report was prepared documenting the results of a survey which examined all buildings and structures within the APE. All buildings and structures 50 years of age or older were photographed, recorded on mapping, and evaluated for National Register of Historic Places eligibility. Twelve such properties were identified within the APE. No properties were recommended as eligible for the NRHP. The Section 106 process for this project is covered under the Minor Projects Programmatic Agreement (MPPA). INDOT Cultural Resources Section staff reviewed the data for the project and determined that the project fell under Category B-8. Under the MPPA, the project did not require further consultation. Because this project was subject to federal funding and approval, the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) of 1969 requires the evaluation of potential environmental impacts.

A Level 4 Categorical Exclusion Document (CE4) was prepared. It documented the engineering and design details of the project, evaluated environmental impacts, and developed environmental commitments. There were no significant negative social, environmental, or economic impacts expected based on the results of early coordination with federal, state, and local agencies, the field surveys that have been completed, the impact analysis detailed within the CE4, and the project’s classification as a Categorical Exclusion 4. The document was reviewed and approved by INDOT and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

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