Veirs Mill Road Rapid Transit Study, Montgomery County, Maryland

The Veirs Mill Road study area is located in the northern portion of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, in Montgomery County, Maryland between Rockville and Wheaton-Glenmont.  The study area is located in the south-central portion of Montgomery County.  The entire Study Area is designated as a Priority Funding Area which directs Maryland State expenditures on economic growth and development. 

Land use within the project area is predominantly medium-density residential with some commercial areas.  The study area boundary comprises the area where potential exists for direct and indirect physical or operational changes associated with the project.

Crum Creek Viaduct, Delaware County, Pennsylvania

The project consists of the proposed replacement of the Crum Creek Viaduct over Crum Creek in Swarthmore Borough and Nether Providence Township, Delaware County.  The existing viaduct is approximately 900 feet long, with seventeen spans, approximately 100 feet high, and was constructed in ca. 1897.

It is currently used by SEPTA’s Media/Elwyn Line commuter railroad line.  Because of the length and height of the viaduct and the fact that it carries an active rail line, the proposed project will involve extensive preparation time and will necessitate several access points and staging areas for large materials and equipment.