Stickney Creek Stream Stabilization and Floodplain Restoration, Cuyahoga County, Ohio


Section 106 Review – Project Summary Form
Phase I Archaeological Survey

ASC Group completed initial and follow up investigations for the Stickney Creek Stream Stabilization and Floodplain Restoration in the City of Brooklyn, Cuyahoga County, Ohio. The study area for the project was located in and south of Veterans Memorial Park, a city park in Brooklyn. ASC Group worked with the client to develop a testing strategy and define an Area of Potential Effects that focused on the anticipated ground disturbing activities within a larger project area. The project’s main focus was stabilization and restoration activities along Stickney Creek within the park boundary. Ancillary activities (staging, spoil storage, etc.) were proposed in two areas south of the park.

A Section 106 Review – Project Summary Form was prepared that requested preliminary comments from the State Historic Preservation Office to determine if Phase I testing was required based on a literature review and field visit. That submittal and project coordination with the client and the State Historic Preservation Office resulted in a determination that a Phase I architectural history survey was not warranted, but a Phase I archaeological survey was. ASC Group updated and expanded the literature review and completed a Phase I archaeological survey.

The literature review indicated that none of the project area had been previously surveyed and there were no previously recorded cultural resources in or immediately adjacent to it. The historic maps consulted did not indicate any building in the study area. The initial field review documented the conditions in the study area through visual inspection and numerous digital photographs. Shovel testing and visual inspection during the recommended follow up Phase I survey indicated the project area had been disturbed by stream modifications and park construction. Three auger cores were excavated near Stickney Creek to determine the depth of the disturbance documented in nearby shovel test pits and evaluate if any intact potentially artifact-bearing soils remained below the disturbance. No cultural materials or intact cultural remains were encountered within the project area. No further work was recommended for the proposed project area.

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