US 322-Chambers Hill Road-Grayson Road, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania


Above Ground Historic Properties
Phase I & III Environmental Site Assessments
Level 1B CE Evaluation
Threatened and Endangered Species
Public Involvement

The project is located on a busy, highly developed east-west urban corridor between Harrisburg and Hershey. The project includes converting turn lanes and widening U.S. 322 to accommodate six through and storage lanes at the intersection with other improvements. The existing six leg intersection will be reduced to four legs. Dual left turns will be added for Grayson Road southbound. The traffic signal will be reduced from six (6) phases to three (3) phases with a separate phase for northbound and southbound movements. 82nd Street will be right-in/right-out. The Chambers Hill Road northbound approach will remain at the current angle. Pedestrians are expected to remain prohibited at the U.S. 322 intersections. Side road shoulders will accommodate pedestrians and bicycles. U.S. 322 left turns will be eliminated and redirected to right turns. The Witmer Drive intersection with U.S. 322, located west of the main intersection, will be reconfigured to include a jughandle and signalized intersection to accommodate U.S. 322 eastbound left turns.

S.R. 2019 at Grayson Road will be reconfigured to be perpendicular to the intersection. At Milroy Road, the three-way intersection will be reconfigured with a roundabout to accommodate the intersection as well as turnaround traffic from Hilton Street and U.S. 322 westbound left turns. The typical roadway section follows the existing roadway baseline with overlay on existing roadway portions and widening on both sides. Excavation depths up to 11 feet (ft) are required near the roundabout retaining wall and also near Hilton Street. It will also include bypass lanes for right turns from Grayson Road and from Milroy Road. Excavations up to 14 ft will be required for road reconstructed on new alignment from U.S. 322 to Milroy Road and approximately 900 ft north of the Grayson Road and Milroy Road intersection. Road extensions proposed for Hilton Street will require up to 9 ft in excavation near the Grayson Road intersection, then transitioning to fill.

Drainage system improvements are anticipated to include five (5) stormwater detention basins and other linear best management practices (BMPs). Curbing may be added to convey the water to the basins. Retaining walls are anticipated at several locations due to topography.

Traffic control and monitoring equipment will include a permanent Digital Messaging Sign (DMS) system with a full span structure over U.S. 322, allowing for both eastbound and westbound traveler messaging. A radio based interconnect system will allow communication between devices throughout the corridor at all intelligent traffic signals (ITS)/traffic signals. A repeater pole is anticipated to be required between the Chambers Hill Road intersection and the proposed DMS to be located further to the east near Bridge Road.

For permanent traffic monitoring and control, a closed caption television (CCTV) system will be included at each traffic signal, as well as one located on the DMS. The Mushroom Hill Road intersection will also be upgraded and included with CCTV, an upgraded signal controller and cabinet, upgraded signal detection, and interconnected radio. All signals including Mushroom Hill Road intersection will include emergency preemption equipment.

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