US 41 Small Structure Replacement, Fountain County, Indiana


  • Phase Ia Archaeological Records Check and Survey
  • Historical/Architectural Records Check and Survey
  • Waters of the U.S. Determination/Wetland Delineation/Ecological Survey
  • Categorical Exclusion Level 1
  • Waterway Permit Application (401/404)

ASC Group completed cultural and environmental resource surveys for the replacement of the US 41 small structure over an unnamed tributary (UNT) of Coal Creek in Fountain County, Indiana. The project proposed the construction of a new structure to replace existing structure. The project involved minimal roadway approach work. The new structure will include headwalls so the guardrail will also be replaced. A desktop review for aboveground resources was undertaken and no properties more than 50 years of age were identified within or adjacent to the project area.

The Section 106 process for this project is covered under the Minor Projects Programmatic Agreement (MPPA) dated January 24, 2017. US 41 small structure over an UNT of Coal Creek was constructed in the mid-twentieth century and did not exhibit non-modern wood, stone, or brick, or a context that suggests it might have historical significance. A Phase Ia Archaeological Short Report was completed and indicated that there were no archaeological sites within the project area. Records checks for cultural resources indicated that there were no aboveground or belowground properties listed in or eligible for the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) located adjacent to the project area. The project meets the criteria of Category B9. Under Category B of the MPPA, the project is not subject to consultation by INDOT cultural Resources Section, and further Section 106 consultation activities will not be necessary.

Because this project was subject to federal funding and approval, the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) of 1969 requires the evaluation of potential environmental impacts. A Level 1 Categorical Exclusion Document (CE1) was prepared. It documented the engineering and design details of the project, evaluated environmental impacts, and developed environmental commitments. There were no significant negative social, environmental, or economic (SEE) impacts expected based on the results of early coordination with federal, state, and local agencies, the field surveys that have been completed, the impact analysis detailed within the CE1, and the project’s classification as a Categorical Exclusion 1. The document was reviewed and approved by INDOT and FHWA.

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