US Army Reserve Center, Conroe Texas


Environmental Design and Evaluations

Health and Safety Plan

Site Investigation/Assessment of Existing Conditions

Hazardous Materials Surveys

Technical Studies/Analysis

Six structures within the US Army Reserve Center facility in Conroe, Texas were evaluated under the environmental assessment. The main and largest structure consisted of pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMB) with concrete floor slabs on grade, drilled pier foundations, exterior walls consisting of metal panels and girts, and roofs supported by cold-formed steel purlins. A 1992 renovation added a structurally independent second floor to the high roof administrative area, with its own drilled piers, steel pipe columns, wide flange steel girders, and open web steel joists supporting a welded-wire reinforced concrete slab on 9/16-inch non-composite metal form deck with 3-inch total thickness. The same project also added a reinforced concrete arms vault in the northwest corner of the first floor. The existing structure for the low roof portion of the facility is unknown, but the architectural drawings from the 1992 renovation suggest metal roof deck on open web steel joists on wide flange steel girders on interior steel columns and exterior masonry walls; the façade consists of masonry veneer.

Assessments were performed to remodel the facility. Assessments included the following: Radon, PCB, AST, oil water separator, Asbestos and Lead based paint assessments and analysis.

This project also required site specific health and safety plans prepared by a certified Industrial Hygienist. These plans had to be approved by the army corps of engineers before the work could proceed. Work conducted required trained staff that had their 40 HR HAZWOPER training and were certified in the State of Texas to assess Asbestos and Lead based Paint.

Once the environmental documents were prepared ASC/Auxano prepared the Unified Facilities Guide Specifications for the environmental sections (02 41 00 – Demolition and Deconstruction, 02 82 00- microbial assessment forms, 02 83 00- Lead Remediation, 02 84 16- Handling of light ballast and lamps containing Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) and mercury, 02 84 33- Removal and Disposal of PCBs, and 02 85 00 Mold Remediation) as part of the front end documents to the A&E plan sets. The results of our findings were also in the plan set documents as well called out in Section E of the plans.

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