Volunteer Archaeology in Kentucky

Over the weekend of March 19–23, a number of ASC archaeology field technicians volunteered with KYK9. This is the same organization who brought us Pocket, the cadaver dog, on the State Line Road project. During the volunteer session, KYK9 worked with the Kentucky State Police on a search for a missing persons case. In the past few years, Pocket has searched different sections of the area where remains could be found. She alerted on this location in the mountains, so the group spent the weekend clearing dense brush and excavating the area. This included digging and screening based on Pocket’s signals. While no remains were found, the ASC technicians were able to work with the talented Pocket, and bring their expertise with field work to the table. The group helped develop ideas for best procedures and executed it with a trained eye. This helped to narrow down possibilities in the search for the missing person. The ASC staff (and subconsultants who have worked for us) in the photo include: Taylor Bryan, Sarah Terheide, Stephanie Kline, Ashley Rutkoski, Colin McKinstry, Hannah Winters, Maria Saniel-Banrey, and Jennifer Jordan Hall & Pocket.