Western Hills Viaduct Replacement Project, Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio


  • Level 1 Ecological Survey
  • ESA Screening
  • Phase I/II ESA
  • Section 106 Scoping Request and Photolog
  • Documentation for Consultation/ Mitigation for Cultural Resources
  • Section 4(f) Determination
  • Noise Analysis
  • Categorical Exclusion Document

ASC Group completed cultural and environmental resources tasks for the Western Hills Viaduct  over Mill Creek-in the City of Cincinnati, Hamilton, County, Ohio. The project proposes replacement of the existing bridge over Mill Creek.

The ecological field survey included identification of waterways, wetlands, endangered species habitat, and other sensitive ecological resources. ASC also conducted the ESA Screening for the project which identified parcels of concern based on review of regulatory databases and a visual inspection of the study area.

An ODOT-OES memorandum, identified three sites that warranted a Phase I ESA.  Phase I ESAs were completed by ASC Group who recommended Phase II ESAs for two of the parcels.

The Noise Analysis identified eight noise-sensitive areas within the survey area. This noise analysis identified noise impacts at 49 residential receptors located in four different areas and at a restaurant’s outdoor use area. Noise barriers were considered for all impacted receptors but were determined not to be feasible or reasonable based on cost and on physical constraints such as steep terrain, space limitations, pedestrian access, and driveway access. Therefore, no barrier designs were developed and no barriers are proposed.

A Section 106 Scoping Request was completed for cultural resources early in the project to identify known archaeological sites, cemeteries, and historic buildings. The results revealed no previously recorded archaeological sites; however, one cemetery and numerous structures had been previously recorded in the study area.

The project will impact the viaduct as well as two additional National Register of Historic Places-eligible resources. A Section 4(f) Determination, Documentation for Consultation, and Memorandum of Agreement are being completed for these resources. The Section 4(f) Determinations include preparation of Programmatic and Individual Determinations.

A Categorical Exclusion-D2 was completed for the project.  It details and documents the engineering and design details of the project, evaluated environmental impacts, and developed environmental commitments. It includes specifics of the extensive public involvement completed as part of project development.

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